I am a

I know what you might be thinking!

Breath! Breath! Fill your lungs and breath! You need it.

I can’t do that! I am a gold fish just swimming around my bowl,

but I never learned to breath under water!

And you are observing me!

Aren’t you?

Am I entertaining?

Are you waiting for me to do a magic trick?

I can’t. I can only swim,

while I’m holding my last sip of air in my lungs.

Who are you staring at?



Answer me!

You are muted? You can’t talk?

Or is it me who can’t hear anything anymore?

Sounds have been gone for a while now.

The only sound I hear is ‘blob’, ‘blob’, ‘blob’.

There will come a day where I’ll be lying on the beach again, with a beer in my hand.

Feeling the sun on my pale, bare ass.

I will be there thinking on how the current took me away, captured me and threw me in a bowl and tried to suffocate me.

I just hope I won’t run out of oxygen before that happen.