One hour in
the center

Sitting on a bench, in front of me: a red building.
Classic architecture.
A store faces the street,
apartments above it.

The window frames are black,
clean and simpel.
Traditional style.
The apartments above the store got balconies, big ones.
Small, vintage light fixtures , glowing with cosy warm light.
It’s very cosy and it makes me think of the old days.

What happened on this street?
What was in the store back then?
Today it is a burger joint.
Who was shopping there, what did they look like.
The word ‘Shopping’ sounds so modern.

I’m sitting at a small square in the city center of Copenhagen.
History. I smell it.
Every 15 minutes I can hear the bell from the city hall.
It makes me think of time. Time passes.

I close my eyes. I Listen.

Across the street – a cool bar, with people chilling on the sidewalk.

There is a small fountain in the middle of the square, it got the same name as the square.
The name of the square is historical too.
The fountain attracts a lot of people.
Falling water is in these days. Apparently.

Resting from a long day,
Some are sitting.
Sharing a drink.
Two cafes a little further down the street.
There are always many people here.
All kinds of people.
A plumber walks by.
A mom biking home from work, with her kid in the childsseat on the back of her bike. She’s got this big red hair, sticking out underneath the helmet. The helmet is colored. Like her hair.
Her kid is wearing a pink helmet with a red ladybug.
I guess that’s good parenthood.

I hear the bell tower again.

A small shop occupies the basement of an old building on the corner of the street.
The building is yellow,
with a sign above the door.
I can’t read it from here.

The bells are back. Have I been sitting here for…how long?
I get impatient.

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